November 2018   
Bible Search

John Hendricks

I was offered the Sexton position in 2002. I cherish working in a church because I can sense the presence of God.  Few jobs allow you to sing hymns while mopping.  From baptsim to burial, I marvel witnessing the drama, joy and sorrow of life played out at St. Alban's.  With its roster of professors, I enjoy its intellectual stimulation.  I consider a day wasted if I don't learn something.  Most of St. Alban's folk are true friends--in bad times we cry together, and in good we laugh and joke--like abig family.  I love to learn about the Bible, the social and economic context of its writers and Christian writings before Constantine.  My favorite interests are the Dead Sea Scrolls, bacteriology, evolution, genetics, mathematcs, statistics, epidemics, microorganisms, hard science fiction, the history of science and my sweetheart.  I love dance, visual arts, nature walks, woodworking, singing harmony, meeting people, foreign and art films, Christmas, prayer and communion. My undergraduate and graduate studies at UC Berkeley and HSU comprised forestry, ecology, experimental design, botany and a teacher credential