February 2020  
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Sojourners: Adult Baptism and Confirmation
Facilitator: The Very Rev. Sara Potter

Sojourners in Christ

Saint Alban's is pleased to offer Sojourners in Christ, a program of formation for adults preparing to be baptized or make a reaffirmation of faith. Sojourners in Christ is intended for adults who desire to be baptized, confirmed, received into the Episcopal Church from another Christian tradition or who desire to make a reaffirmation of faith. Adults who have already been baptized and confirmed may also wish to participate. If God is doing a new thing in your life and you wish to revisit the fundamentals of Christian discipleship and renew your commitment to Christ with other pilgrims then this may be for you.

Sojourners in Christ is co-facilitated by our Rector and Seminarian. Each participant/candidate has a sponsor from Saint Alban's. Together we explore Episcopal/Anglican tradition, living the baptismal covenant in daily life and identify gifts for ministry. The period of preparation begins in late-September and includes daily prayer, meetings of all candidates and sponsors together, one-on-one conversations between candidates and sponsors, and outside reading. As a community, we hold the candidates in our prayers during corporate worship on Sundays. Sojourners in Christ concludes with the celebrations of the Easter Vigil and Confirmation during the Bishop's visitation.