January 2020  
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Stations of the Cross
Coordinator: The Rev. Nancy Streufert

The Way of the Cross in Lent

Pilgrimages to symbolically relive the last steps of Jesus in Jerusalem began shortly after A.D. 313 when Constantine, Emperor of Rome, in his Edict of Milan ended the government-sanctioned persecution of Christians. We have evidence of these pilgrimages from the fourth century Spanish nun, Egeria, who chronicled her experience as she walked the route between Pilate’s judgment seat and Mount Calvary, known to pilgrims as the Via Dolorosa (“Way of Sorrow”).

The devotion known as the “Way of the Cross” or the “Stations of the Cross” is an adaptation to local usage of this custom whereby the offering of prayer at a series of “stations” traditionally associated with our Lord’s passion and death takes place along the walls of one’s church sanctuary. As in past years, St. Alban’s will offer the Way of the Cross services during the Lenten season, now with our beautiful collection of original metal artwork by Haitian artist Jean Sylvestre made from steel oil drums that depict the Stations of the Cross.

This year, the service will be held every Friday at noon beginning February 23 and on Good Friday. As part of your Lenten devotion, please consider joining us and the millions of pilgrims around the globe who participate in this very meaningful tradition of the Church. 

Stations of the Cross 
2018 Rota
O Officiant
R Reader
A Acolyte
February 23
O: Mother Nancy
R: Emily
A: Evaonne
March 2
O: Mother Sara
R: Ann
A: Casper
March 9
O: Cindy
R: Patrick
A: Evaonne
March 16
O: Evaonne
R: Emily
A: Casper
March 23
O: Pastor Tim
R: Evaonne
A: Patrick
March 30 (Good Friday)
O: Zack
R: Casper
A: Cindy