July 2018  
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Eucharistic Visitors
Eucharistic Visitor Coordinator: The Rev. Nancy Streufert

This special ministry involves taking the Eucharist to church members unable to attend the service. After being consecrated by one of our priests, the elements are carried out to parishioners by Eucharistic Visitors so that they may share with the entire parish in God’s feast and may take place at home, in hospital, or care facility. Anyone wanting to participate in this ministry will be trained initially with Mtr. Sara and Mtr. Nancy and given a handbook to study. After observing an experienced EV over a few Sundays, the trainee is ready to lead the service on her/his own. We bring along the readings and bulletin from that Sunday’s service and relate the highlights of the sermon to the person we’re visiting, proceeding after that with the Eucharist. We also offer prayers for the person and their family. This is a quiet, meaningful ministry that brings joy and a sense of connectedness for all involved.


27-May 1 Pentecost (Trinity Sunday) Cindy Rod, Win & Elizabeth
3-Jun 2 Pentecost Zack Marlene, Michelle & Vito, Pat
10-Jun 3 Pentecost Emily Rod, Win & Elizabeth
17-Jun 4 Pentecost Jack Marlene, Michelle & Vito, Pat
24-Jun 5 Pentecost Nancy+ Rod, Win & Elizabeth
1-Jul 6 Pentecost Nancy+ Marlene, Michelle & Vito
8-Jul 7 Pentecost Jack Rod, Win & Elizabeth
15-Jul 8 Pentecost Tina Marlene, Michelle & Vito
22-Jul 9 Pentecost Suzanne Rod, Win & Elizabeth
29-Jul 10 Pentecost Jack Marlene, Michelle & Vito
5-Aug 11 Pentecost Jack Rod, Win & Elizabeth
12-Aug 12 Pentecost Zack Marlene, Michelle & Vito
19-Aug 13 Pentecost Tina Rod, Win & Elizabeth
26-Aug 14 Pentecost Emily Marlene, Michelle & Vito
2-Sep 15 Pentecost Cindy Rod, Win & Elizabeth