February 2020  
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Health Ministry
Parish Nurse: Emily Arents




Our Parish Nurse, Emily Arents, is an RN whose calling is to promote health and healing, visiting those in hospital or recovering at home or in a care facility. She also helps with referrals, helps to explain medications and care plans, takes parishioners to appointments and helps organize meals for homebound people. Writing monthly for the church newsletter and taking the occasional blood pressure are part of her job also. There is usually an annual discussion group on a specific health issue to plan as well. Mostly, though, this ministry is about working with everyone to understand the connection of body, mind and spirit, nurturing our interdependence as God's people.

We've had a Health Ministry at St. Alban's since 2002.

Our vision is:
· To offer shut-in parishioners visits, transportation, shopping and meals…..
· To offer those facing medical crises support, education, referrals….
· To improve the health of our parish community through education, blood pressure monitoring .….

We accomplish this with a wonderful team of angels who generously cook and visit and generally brighten the days of those who are homebound or hospitalized. The Parish Nurse helps to decipher medical plans of care and to explain medications prescribed, and offers prayers when desired. We present health related information occasionally at our Sunday Forums.