The Vestry

Senior Warden: Linda Ruonavaara

The Vestry is an elected body within the congregation that, along with the clergy, leads the parish.

The Vestry:
· helps to discern the vision toward which God is drawing that particular community,
· articulates and communicates the vision,
· holds the community accountable for the realization of that vision, and
· keeps the mission of the Church and that of the individual congregation clearly before the parish community.

The Vestry constitutes the trustees, directors or other persons who, by the laws of the Articles of Incorporation, are empowered and authorized to manage the affairs or conduct the business of such Parish. All members of the Vestry, except the Rector are laypersons and qualified electors of the Parish. The Vestry is elected by the members of the congregation through secret, written ballot.

There are three offices within the Vestry: Senior Warden, Junior Warden, and Clerk. The Rector appoints the Senior Warden, and the Vestry members elect the Junior Warden and Clerk.